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- What is eNotes

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What is eNotes

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eNotes is a software utility that helps you to manage your personal information quickly and easily. You can create "Post-It" like "eNotes windows" on your computer desktop where you can jot down your notes or remainders quickly. You don't have to take care of saving to files your information, because eNotes automatically saves the contents and properties of that windows. eNotes starts every time when your computer starts, that's why your electronic notes are near at your hands always. In addition to, eNotes can alarm you at specific times: daily, weekly, monthly, at once, or every computer startup or you can combine these.

You can get more information about eNotes on this site, please, look around here. I suggest that, first view the benefits of using eNotes, afterwards take a look at the snapshot, how eNotes looks like, finally download it to your computer for trying it out. If you have questions, please, come back here for more information.


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