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What is eNotes

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What are the most important benefits of using eNotes?

Compared to...
real papers:

Can your papers alarm you at specific times?


Do you dislike the chaos on your desk?

other software utilities:

Do you wait long for your PIM software to start (for example: Outlook)?


Have you forgotten to start your reminder utility when you hade an important event?


Do you feel that a huge software is handy?

other utilities within
the same genre

eNotes supports "Rich Text Format" (RTF). You can highlight important information, and use bullet style paragraphs.


eNotes has built in window arrangement procedures, if you don't want to arrange your eNotes windows, you don't have to do it. But eNotes can help you to arrange your windows that way you like it.


eNotes strongly supports using the keyboard. If you learn some handy and simple keyboard shortcut and hotkey, you can accelerate your work with eNotes.


You can put eNote windows onto the Windows Taskbar, and these appear within the "Alt+Tab" task switching sequence as well.

...and lot of more features of course.

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